An Indigenous media content creator with almost 4 decades in the industry. Gordon is a successful documentary producer/director and has created several projects over the years.

In 2020 he was chosen by Netflix to pitch his fictional series creation KANATA. In 2018 he placed in the top 25 for the Diversity of Voices Initiative at the Banff World Media Festival. In 2018, he received his narrative film Director Certification from Langara College's Film Arts program. In 2016, he co-wrote a short film script that placed in the top 10 at the Cannes Screenplay Contest.

He's currently writing an Indigenous feature length screenplay which has an executive producer attached, and two TV series pilots.

As an Indigenous media creator, he gravitates to telling stories that hold up the beauty and cultures of Indigenous peoples.
"Our film arts should present our uniqueness to the world and not just focus on the effects of colonization. We are so much more than that."

Gordon is a multi-skilled creator. An accomplished producer, writer, director, cinematographer, editor, and sound person. He's also been using aerial drones for filming since they were first introduced.

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