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KANATA - 8 x 1 Hour Series

A female led group of Indigenous explorers from North America land on the shore of Spain's coast, before Christopher Columbus would ever discover the new world. They are seeking to fulfill an ancient prophesy and must find the "Cloud People."

They have an urgent need: to somehow harvest new DNA to save their peoples from extinction. Will they be welcomed, scorned or hunted down as hostile invaders?

This series offers a unique Indigenous Sci-Fi drama with diverse Indigenous cast members. A look at the advanced Indigenous lands of Turtle Island, known as KANATA.

We will see what happens when ancient traditions of matriarchy, spiritual connection and reverence for nature collides with a materialistic, power driven world of Eurus. A world dominated by men and a powerful church that even Kings and Queens are subject to.

Our female hero must learn how to navigate this new world as she seeks a people she's never seen before. All while coping with her own budding evolution and emerging new power within.

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THE FORGOTTEN - 8 x 1 Hour Series

What if there was a way to punch through from beyond for a second shot at life? A philosopher and an earthbound female scientist must find a way to prevent a determined conqueror from setting off a global atmospheric reaction that could wipe out all life on earth if he crosses over.

Since the dawn of time humanity has wrestled with the age old question; Is there life after death? The Forgotten takes us to a place called Paradise. But even there some souls long for more than being young, beautiful and never having to want for anything.

Quantum physics meets reincarnation and the search for a deeper understanding of where do souls go when we die? How do they exist and what must they do to remain in the afterlife?

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GAME BONE - Feature Length Drama

Stoo Nook is a champion stick gambler. A legend among Indigenous communities with a perfect winning record. But success has a habit of making a gambler too big for his own britches.

As CEO of his community's economic development corporation he's raised money to build a much-needed health centre for the region. Side bets at stick gambling tournaments are a regular occurrence. Stoo Nook wants to build an even better health centre for his people. So, he wages the construction money on his team taking yet another tournament championship.

Gidak has always come in second place and he's tired of losing the big game to Stoo Nook so this time he makes sure he's going to win.

What follows is a journey of a man who's fallen from grace before his family and community. Will Stoo Nook learn the error of his ways as he claws his way back towards the life he once had?

Will he defeat his opponent in the biggest stick gambling tournament of his life while he evades his parole officer determined to put him back in prison? And does he win his daughter's forgiveness and repair the shattered relationship torn apart through neglect and public shame?

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